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Sprinkler Repair Miami

Miami loves her sprinklers and we love Miami.  We have been serving the Miami area for years and are so happy to be still doing so. Watering your lawns so their green is like a lush fresh carpet is our dream job. Plus it is a major bummer when the system of sprinklers on your property you have been relying on to irrigate the land have stopped working. ​


When they are watering bits and pieces, or sporadically turning on and off, or whatever the problem is, it can be a pain to figure out what is going.  The good news is that you found us, and we are so happy you are here! Welcome to Sprinkler Repair Miami. We fix your sprinkler systems.

About Us
We have been working in Miami for a long time now and this just seemed like the right niche for us to expand on and expand into.  A lot of us depend on these systems and in our opinion there isn’t enough professional service in Miami to help figure out what is going on when they go wrong. So that was how we got started a long time ago.

​We couldn’t call ourselves Sprinkler Repair Miami if all we actually did was repair sprinkler systems. That would be a disservice to the great sprinklers of Miami. Not only do we have a wide range of services for your sprinkler system needs, our services include some of the most troublesome problems people are encountering. We value a good irrigation system. That is why we offer sprinkler system repair, new sprinkler installation, full system analysis, electrical troubleshooting, sprinkler system planning, and commercial sprinkler services. We also do irrigation repair.

Sprinkler Repair

Is one of your sprinkler sprouts not giving out the same pressure as it use to? Is it just the one? Is it a couple of the sprouts? We are here for those kinds of things. When your sprinkler is going on the fritz we are the technicians that check the problem and get it going again for you.

New Sprinkler Installation

Do you love that smell of freshly cut grass? And do you love the color of a green healthy lawn? Do you want to keep that green color even throughout your property? The best way you can do that is to make sure you have all those little tender pieces of gross good and watered. When you need a new system installed you have come to the right place.

“Oh they are the best! They are friends of our neighbors’ friends. They work so well. We have gotten a new system installed and they did amazing. Very professional and organized. Our lawn looks beautiful now.” Jorge R.

Full System Analysis


When your sprinkler system is only sprinkling bits and pieces of the lawn it is time to get a full system analysis to find out what is going on. Not only do our technicians specialize in sprinkler repair, and installation but they also are great with doing an entire system look over. We have the tools to read your sprinkler system so in no time we can find out what is going wrong and go from there.

Electrical Troubleshooting

Maybe it isn’t a mechanical problem with the turn off gadget on the spout. The glitch could be where you are tuning the whole thing on and off. Sprinkler systems are great for keeping care of entire pieces of property like golf courses and such, but they are a complicated system that has complicated problems. To fix a sprinkler system you almost need a plumber, mechanic and electrician.  We are all of that and we will fix your system in no time. 

“It was glitching like a….  We didn’t have it in long at all. It started acting up after we were away for a weekend. We’re pretty sure our teenage son had a party and never told us so we had no idea what happened. We googled sprinkler repair near me, irrigation repair Miami, and sprinkler repair Miami. When they came for the entire sprinkler system analysis they figured out the problem and started working right away. It was back to normal by the evening.” Larry P.

Sprinkler System Planning


Before installing your sprinkler system you want to get the ultimate use of its ability. This takes some knowledge of your property and soil. What parts of your property need more water? Where is their hills and valleys where rain water might gather. We are well equipped and knowledgeable to do this for you. Sprinkler system planning is one of our favorite things to do.

Commercial Sprinkler Services


Our knowledge goes beyond residential sprinkler systems. Our technicians are super knowledgeable and well equipped with it comes to commercial sprinkler systems. With our training and certifications including all kinds of sprinkler systems, and are our daily efforts to keep up to date with the new technology coming out with sprinkler systems we are the perfect repair people for your commercial sprinkler services.

“Our lawn was yellow. We had one of those sprinklers that would just rock back and forth and my husband was out there moving it every forty five minutes until we released how ridiculous it was. So we asked around about sprinkler system installation Miami, and irrigation repair Miami. Our friends had a great system that came on at night on a timer. They said they found their guys by googling sprinkler repair Miami FL. We googled all of them and found AZ Sprinkler Repair of Miami knowing that was who we had to go with. They did a wonderful job.” Cindy L.​


When you need of answers about your sprinkler system and/ or our services the most direct way to get your answers is to contact us. By phoning the number provided on this website you will reach on of our trained technicians who will be happy to help you with any questions that you may have. Getting your concerns answered whether it is about sprinkler installation cost, or an inquiry about irrigation repair, is the first step for your realization of sprinkler heaven – a perfectly working sprinkler system watering all your lush lawn.